On 20 September 2023, ZENDATA was invited to CYBERX 2023, which took place at the prestigious Grand Millennium Muscat in Oman.

Isabelle MEYER, CIO of ZENDATA, took to the stage
to lead a panel dedicated to exploring the new cyber horizons of OT & IoT infrastructures and the challenges that will accompany them in 2023.

New ransomware groups are emerging every day. In the first half of 2022, Black Basta was the most notable. Even though SMBs are a more popular target, many threat actors tend to go for large corporations.

Vulnerability exploitation is a common ransomware attack vector. Unpatched vulnerabilities contribute to a growing digital attack surface that many organisations are struggling to secure as hybrid workplaces expand their IT environment

According to a recent report, Oman successfully thwarted more than 3.6 million cyberattacks, encompassing Malware, Email, and Smart Home Network breaches. These attacks posed a significant threat, aimed at taking control of home devices, deploying malicious software, stealing sensitive data, intercepting communications, and launching external attacks.

Oman’s robust cybersecurity approach encompasses multifactor authentication (MFA), advanced access management, stringent network security measures, strategic cloud migration strategies, cloud security solutions, comprehensive training, and adherence to stringent security policies. Additionally, the integration of threat intelligence and a departure from legacy systems are pivotal aspects that enhance cybersecurity practices, ensuring a higher level of protection against evolving threats.

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