lun 2 Jan 2023

Protection from Computers to Society

ZENDATA was created over a decade ago and is now arriving at an inflection point, where its objectives and purposes shall be evaluated. Questions reflecting on its accomplishments, missions, goals are raised as well as understanding and establishing its next steps towards a strategic future. 

ZENDATA baselines throughout the time:

We Make IT Secure

When ZENDATA was established, its first objective was to protect SMBs against cyberthreats. In other words, ZENDATA wanted to ensure that small and medium-size businesses, which represent most of the economic system of Geneva, be correctly protected, meaning for ZENDATA, to be protected as well as large multinationals, regardless of their size. 

ZENDATA maintained cost-effective solutions, taking into account the companies’ threats, exposure and risk tolerance. The high-risk SMBs (law firms, fiduciaries, wealth managers) were, back then and still are now, prime targets for corporate espionage and financial theft. However, on one hand, management was not aware of cyberthreats and, on the other hand, the IT companies believed that a sufficient protection can be achieved simply by installing a firewall and an antivirus… we needed to make their IT secure.

Don’t Be The Next One

A few years later, ZENDATA’s challenge of providing tailored-made cyber security solution paid off, since larger companies also decided to profit from ZENDATA’s services. By having tailored-made services, ZENDATA is not only increasing the cyber maturity level of an identity, but also making it more tangible to comprehend. 

At that point, one of the main concerns for ZENDATA was that companies did not realize nor understood the threat level they were facing. In very simple terms, most organizations were actually in denial, and ZENDATA heard more than once "it will never happen to me, I’m not important enough”. However, ransomware attacks started to increase dramatically, not only in numbers, but also in terms of the damages created. Moreover, not only targeted organization became victims, but any company, government, non-profit and even private citizen. In order to not be dramatic or fatalistic, ZENDATA refused to say, “It is not a question of IF but WHEN you’ll get hacked”; instead, ZENDATA wanted to explain to senior management that one needed to be well informed and proactive in order to Not Be The Next Victim, because for sure they will be the next target.

Protection from Computers to Society

Today, the world has changed, which does not mean for the better... State-sponsored cyber-espionage and cyber-attacks do not even get mentioned in the media anymore. Wars are done digitally, hacker groups try to collapse governments, and with the world becoming so digitally dependent, the society is becoming digitally vulnerable.

ZENDATA in the last years opened offices internationally. The experiences and know-how gained from different countries through this expansion and its new responsibilities contribute to this perception. ZENDATA is now part of the digital protection chain that helps the world go round. The environments ZENDATA protects extend much beyond computers. The threats the world is facing are much more important than the typical money theft.

One of ZENDATA’s duty is to help protect the society in order for everyone to continue enjoying their lifestyle, freedom and values. ZENDATA’s employees are more than just geeks, more than just engineers, they are protectors, here to ensure that our way of living and our society will continue to flourish. Ensuring cyber-safety, maintaining freedom of expression, economic growth, environmental stability are nowadays core elements of ZENDATA’s mission.

By protecting your computers, your smartphones, your cloud, your ICS, your IoT, ZENDATA is becoming your frontline defender.

ZENDATA is excited to embrace its new mission statement by continuing its international growth and working with governments, multinationals, non-profit and SMBs to bring back trust in our digital environment and protect against threat actors.