An Efficient Partner

Our vision consists in building and deploying for you the most suitable responses to your current and future challenges and goals. This is why we are constantly monitoring to assess and engage with leading partners in their field.

Strategic Partnerships Anchored by Strong Values

The majority of targeted businesses in the world today are SMEs.
ZENDATA, driven by strong and enduring human values, surrounds itself with top-flight partners and experts in their fields so our clients can benefit from these synergies.

A tailor-made response to our clients’ challenges is at the heart of our approach, which is why it is crucial to implement customized responses with the appropriate contacts. These partnerships thus result in a broader, enriched vision for our clients.

Experts in information and communication technologies, specific solutions, security or other fields, our partners' activities complement ours, and ZENDATA works to ensure that they benefit from the best conditions.
ZENDATA has committed to focus on cybersecurity and is working hand in hand with its clients’ IT teams (contractors or internal), thus offering an objective and complementary approach.

Clients thereby come out winners, because they benefit from a modern digital infrastructure solid enough to equip them with optimized, high-comfort solutions for their employees and collaborators, while ensuring efficient protection for their infrastructures and data. Digital-based operation thus becomes a strategic and mastered asset to ensure the conditions for success in their core businesses.

To become a partner with ZENDATA is to inspire a win-win combination with your clients:

Secure your clients

Transfer responsibilities to an expert

Sustainability of your income

Increased added value

Strategic Partnerships Anchored by Strong Values

ZENDATA provides a regular watch of the best solutions available on the market based on our clients’ needs and digital environments.

Our partners are leading-edge cybersecurity companies, offering the highest-performing and most advanced technological solutions, thus providing our clients premium, advanced protection. We work in synergy with our partners to inform them of turnarounds in the field and actively participate in continuous improvement work so that cybersecurity can anticipate future threats.

Become a Partner of ZENDATA

Are you looking for a cybersecurity expert and cutting-edge partner to complement your added value and promote your services?

Let us meet to explore a potential partnersh ip for our companies in win-win, sustainable dynamics for our clients!